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Cloud County Community College

The Agri-Biotechnology program includes strong scientific training and extensive laboratory experience in methods currently used in research, government, and industry laboratories.

Students can find entry-level employment in the bioscience industry, academia, health-care, veterinary care, and government settings.

With the rapid expansion of the biotechnology industry in the Junction City and Manhattan, Kansas areas, there is a significant shortage of qualified and trained personnel with biotechnology laboratory skills.

Training Opportunities
Earn this Credential in less than one year:

  • Agri-Biotechnology Certificate

Earn this Credential in one year or more:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree

Career Pathways and Average Starting Wages

  • Technical Certificate: $10-$16 per hour
  • Laboratory Technician/Technical Certificate: $14-$24 per hour
  • Associates of Applied Science Degree: $19-$26 per hour
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $24-$31 per hour

Employment Opportunities 

  • Laboratories
  • Research facilities
  • Governmental agencies

Contact Cloud County Community College:

Offers: Agri-Biotechnology
Program contact: 785.238.8010 or | 800.729.5101