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Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology
Salina Area Technical College

The Environmental Technology program trains you to treat water for the purpose of safe drinking and to remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial waste for safe return to the earth.

Industrial facilities that send their wastes to municipal treatment plants must meet certain minimum standards to ensure that the wastes have been adequately pretreated and will not damage municipal treatment facilities. Plant operators must be familiar with guidelines established by Federal regulations and how they affect the plant.

Entry-level positions are typically operators and maintenance positions for municipalities, such as environmental technicians and water treatment plant and system operators.

The Kansas water quality treatment field is projected to lose upwards of one-third of the more than 4,500 state-certified water quality workers due to retirements over the next three to five years.

Training Opportunities
Earn these Credentials in less than one year:

  • Waste Water Treatment Certification
  • Potable Water Treatment Certification
  • Waste Water District School
  • Potable Water District School
  • OSHA-10

Earn this Credential in one year or more:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree

Career Pathways and Average Starting Wages

  • Entry-Level Position: $9-$11 per hour
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator: $21-$30 per hour
  • Management Position (with 10-years’ experience): $24-$31 per hour

Employment Opportunities

  • Water Production, distribution, wastewater treatment and conservation
  • Private water and sewage treatment
  • Municipal utilities

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