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Training the Kansas workforce. Linking veterans to jobs. Kansas is home to Fort Riley and the 1st Infantry Division known as the Big Red One as well as Fort Leavenworth, McConnell AFB, the Kansas Army National Guard, and the Kansas Air National Guard. Service members, veterans, and their families are important to Kansas.

TRAC-7 and the KanVet program are working together to help build a stronger Kansas workforce by:

  • Recognizing the talents and skills of veterans
  • Providing training, resources and support
  • Connecting  highly-skilled graduates  with hiring employers

The TRAC-7/KanVet collaborative focus is (1) information and recruitment through co-branding of TRAC-7 and KanVet and, (2) collaboratively developing a uniquely different Credit for Prior Learning database.

TRAC-7/KanVet collaborative partnership members include representatives from the Kansas Adjutant General’s office, Kansas Board of Regents, Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas Commission on Veteran’s Affairs, and TRAC-7.

Collaborative efforts include:

  • Information and Recruitment: Variety of co-branded print, video, and audio materials developed and disseminated
  • Database Development: Specific crosswalks developed from MOS to TRAC-7 programs with TRAC-7 institutions committed to award credits based on competencies as demonstrated by MOS
  • Employer Partnerships: Collaborative support and promotion to business and industry of KanVet’s Hire a Veteran Pledge